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Musa A Kabbah

General Secretary


Musa A. Kabbah is the General Secretary at Awareness for Surviving Women and Children (ASWAC). He is the lead designer of ASWAC website. Musa has a bachelors degree in  Electrical Systems Technology from Alpena Community College (ACC) in Alpena, Michigan. He has considerable experience in computer programming, fiber optics, Programmable Logic Controllers, and web design. He is a youth leader and advocate with extensive experience in youth initiatives and volunteering, including interfaith, intercultural, and peacebuilding.


Musa was a member of the Language Society at ACC and a peer tutor. He was a member of the Student Leadership Committee at ACC where he helps plan activities and organize events for students. Musa was an intern at the Youth for Understanding USA (YFU) Digital Diplomacy for West Africa. He helped moderate the Digital Diplomacy training during his internship with YFU.  Musa holds a professional certificate in Cross-cultural Competence from the (YFU) virtual exchange program. He is an alumnus and former youth ambassador of the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study programs in Liberia and the United States.

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