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Support Awareness for Surviving Women and Children (ASWAC) mission by giving your time and skills!


Volunteering your time is a great way to support your community, gain work experience and build a network. Our volunteers receive extensive training in several areas of service and donate their time in meaningful ways to benefit victims of abuse and raise awareness about domestic violence .

Direct Service

The following volunteer positions require 45 hours of Domestic Violence Training and 5 additional hours of observation and field training.

Counseling  Services: ASWAC provides immediate safety planning, crisis intervention, and referrals. ASWAC also facilitates short and long-term therapeutic counseling and support groups for both women and children. It provides opportunities for survivors to process their experiences with others who have faced similar situations.

Medical advocacy: ASWAC nurse advocates are on call 24 hours a day to provide options and crisis counseling to survivors of abuse at our designated facility. ASWAC  nurse advocates also train other interdisciplinary team members including physicians and nurses, to screen patients and recognize the signs of abuse.

  • Housing Services: ASWAC provides emergency shelters to women and children at proximate risk of physical abuse to help survivors relocate out of abusive situations. ASWAC also facilitates supportive services including relocation assistance, case management of survivors, and comprehensive services.

Providing education and community outreach: ASWAC strives to provide high-quality education programs to community centers,  congregational meeting places, and schools to maximize public awareness about abuse. Informational brochures and flyers on abuse are distributed at community and school events and health centers.

  • Consulting Services: ASWAC provides consulting services and offers presentations to hospitals and local clinics regarding abuse and guidelines for protecting women and children. 

  • Survivor Empowerment and Safety: ASWAC provides ways to improve the delivery of care to Survivors through confidentiality and safety. In addition to advocacy, ASWAC works with individuals to develop safety planning and provide referrals for community and legal services.

Work With US

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